Saturday, October 3, 2009


Oh how I missed drawing in the computer! I barely have time to draw every time I go home from college. So I've spent the short vacation just letting the creative juices flow. And I'm thinking to put some story behind my drawings. Starting NOW!


His Ma wouldn't let him go to the book fair despite the best puppy eyes he came up with to beg her. So that afternoon, he decided it was now or never. Being the nice boy that he was, he felt guilty of sneaking out. But the books. All those books! Their pages begging to be turned, the words to be swallowed. He couldn't resist such offer from the books.


They don't notice me. They don't remember me. They don't know me. Ha. Well let's see now. I'll run away to some far-off cave and live there for a while. But one thing scares me. They'll never know I'm gone. Maybe I should go back.

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